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We know that Tony Broome has told you a little about our products and services, and we're so glad you're ready to investigate further. We have options to fit every budget and lifestyle, and if you'd like to learn about all the options available to you, please visit http://www.serotek.com/products, or call us at (612) 246-4818, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

If you purchase eligible products and services from this page, Tony will receive credit for referring you. Here's a bit of info about each eligible item.

Docuscan Plus: $299

System Access: $399 Standalone, $499 Mobile

Despite leaps in Apple popularity, the PC still accounts for more than 70% of today's market share. Whether you're composing a document or spreadsheet, keeping track of appointments, sending e-mail, or surfing the web, System Access provides intuitive and affordable access to your Windows environment. For work or pleasure, System Access gives you what you need to make the most of your computer without draining your wallet or your patience. Best of all, you never have to pay to update your screen reader to the latest version. With System Access, you'll receive free automatic updates. Purchase a license for two computers for $399, or two computers plus the ability to install on a USB thumb drive to carry with you wherever you go for $499.

Sero: $149 Annually

Sero is the world's largest consolidation of entertainment and social networking. Built with the blind and visually impaired in mind, the system is completely accessible. Your annual subscription unlocks thousands of Internet radio stations, personalized news, blogging, a personal web site, forums, chat rooms, and e-mail. You'll also have access to the Socializer, bringing Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and a number of instant messaging services together in one easy-to-use interface.

As a subscriber you will also receive services such as remote control of your home computer, and our innovative Remote Training and Support feature. With Remote Training and Support, users can connect to each others' computers to provide training and technical assistance or work simultaneously on a document or project. No other assistive technology provides this degree of functionality from the convenience of a single subscription.

Accessibility Anywhere: $240 annually

The Accessibility Anywhere package pulls on three popular productivity apps and a new communications interface to deliver optimal access and entertainment. Subscribers enjoy the text recognition precision of DocuScan Plus, the intuitive design of System Access, and the rich content and features of Sero at a low annual subscription fee that is unmatched in the assistive technology industry. And, current subscribers can now look forward to Socializer, a social networking dashboard that combines today's most popular communication platforms in the same intuitive interface you have come to expect of Serotek products.

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