Personalizing your Sero home screen (Windows only)

This section describes how to personalize the Sero home screen.

This feature lets you eliminate items that you don't want on your Sero home screen. You can also change the order in which items are displayed, and even add links of your own.

The ability to personalize your Sero home screen is currently only available on a Windows PC, though we plan to bring it to other computers and devices in the future. However, the changes that you make with this feature will take effect wherever you go, across all of your computers and devices.

Here's how it works. To begin personalizing your Sero home screen:

  1. Open System Access and Sero Preferences, as described in the previous section.

  2. From here, choose the Personalize Your Sero Home Page option.

  3. You'll now see a list of items which are arranged in the order they will appear on your home screen.

  4. When you're ready to work with an item, simply navigate to it in the list with your arrow keys.

  5. Once you're focused on the item, you can move it, or delete it entirely.

  6. When you’re done, tab to the Save Changes button and press the Space bar.

Please note that none of your changes will take effect permanently until you tab to the Save Changes button and press the Space bar.

Moving or deleting items on your home screen

Sometimes, you may want to move an item far from where it was originally displayed. While you could continue to press the move up or move down button on the item until it is exactly where you want it, there is an easier way to accomplish this.

  1. First, find the item in the list that you'd like to move.

  2. Then, tab to the Cut button and press the Space bar. Warning. If you were to activate the Save Changes button at this point, the item would be deleted entirely. However, if you just want to move it elsewhere…

  3. Navigate to the spot in the list where you'd like to place the item.

  4. You can now use the, Paste Before, button to place the item above the one you're focused on in the list. You can also tab to the, Paste After, button to place the item below the one you're focused on in the list.

Recovering a deleted item on the home screen

If you've deleted an item from your Sero home screen and would like to recover it, simply…

  1. Tab to the Restore Deleted Items button and press the Space bar. Here you'll be presented with a list of links you've removed from your home screen.

  2. Focus on the one you'd like to restore.

  3. Tab to the Restore button and press the Space bar.

Adding links to your home screen

While we do have a nice selection of links displayed by default on the Sero home screen, you may wish to further personalize your Sero experience by adding your own links. To do this:

  1. You'll first need to navigate to the link you'd like to add. Currently this can be a link to a website that you find in a browser such as Internet Explorer.

  2. Once you've opened the page you'd like to add, go to your browser's address bar. For example, in Internet Explorer, press Alt+D.

  3. Press Control+C to copy the address to your clipboard. Now you're ready to add this link to your home screen.

  4. Go to the "Personalize your Sero Home Page" screen, as described above.

  5. Then tab to the Add Link button and activate it with the Space bar.

  6. In the first edit box, type in the name you want displayed for the link.

  7. IN the second edit box, paste the link you've copied to your clipboard by pressing Control+V.

  8. Tab to the OK button, press the Space bar, and the link will be added.

  9. Once you've moved the link where you want it, don't forget to choose the Save Changes button for your changes to take effect.

Restoring the default home screen layout

If you ever have a need to restore your Sero home screen to its default layout, you can do this by tabbing to the Restore Defaults button from within the Customize Your Sero home screen dialogue.

Pressing this button will set your home screen to look just as it did before you made any modifications to it. Note that doing this will also remove any customized links you added to your home screen.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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