The Sero media player

When listening to any of the wide variety of audio content available within Sero, such as Internet radio stations, podcasts, or described movies and TV shows (audio only), you will be using the Sero media player.

When you activate a link to an audio stream such as an Internet radio station, Sero will automatically start playing it.

When you activate a link to an on-demand audio program, such as a podcast episode or audio from a described movie, you are presented with two buttons: a Play button and a Download button. We’ll cover how to download content later. For now, to begin playing the content, press the Play button.

Continue playing where you left off

If you’ve previously started listening to a piece of on-demand content and had to stop, you will be asked whether you want Sero to begin playing the content from where you left off, or return to the beginning and start over.

For instance, if you started listening to audio from a described movie or TV season on your PC at home, but then got in the car for a road trip, you can resume listening with your phone right where you left off. If you still haven't finished when you get back home, you can pick right back up on your PC, Mac, or Apple TV.

Listening to a series of episodes

The first time that you activate a link to a series of episodes, such as audio from a described season of a TV show, Sero will present the list of episodes. Simply choose the first episode you want to hear. As before, Sero will present a Play button and a Download button. Press the Play button to start listening. Sero will then keep playing episode after episode, until you finish the series or stop the player.

If you stop in the middle of the series, then return later, Sero will ask if you want to continue where you left off, start from the beginning of the episode you were previously playing, or go back to the list of episodes.


While you are playing audio from an online radio station, you may want to save the stream as a preset. Presets allow you to quickly play an audio stream without needing to search for it from a list. While audio is playing, just press the "Add Preset" button to add it to your presets.

When you want to play one of your presets, simply:

  1. Navigate to the Sero home screen.

  2. Find the link called "Presets". Remember, on Windows, you can press the letter P to get to this link more quickly.

  3. Activate the Presets link. For example, on Windows or Mac, press Enter. On iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire OS, double tap it.

  4. Choose the preset you'd like to hear from your saved list. The media player will begin playing the stream you've selected.

If you're playing a stream that's already in your presets, you'll find a "Remove Preset" button, which you can use to remove the stream from your presets.

Keyboard commands to control the media player

This section only applies to Sero for Windows.

Here are a few keyboard commands which allow you to control the Sero media player:

You can use the following commands to move around in an audio file on your computer or an audio program being streamed on-demand from the Internet.

Note that these commands do not work for live streams, since there is no way to move forward in a live stream because the content isn't yet available.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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