Storing notes within Sero

The Notes feature is a great way to leave yourself reminders on things you might want to do later. Or, it can also help you stay organized by letting you jot down simple lists and phone numbers.

If you have access to a microphone, you can even leave yourself a voice message that you can play back later.

Search for a note

This will be the first option you find when opening Notes. Simply type the word or words you are looking for in the edit box, and activate the Search button.

A search will be performed on the subjects of all notes, and the body of any text notes you have created.

Add a note

To add a note, locate and activate the Notes link on the Sero home screen.

From here, you will find two links: one to leave a text note, and the other to leave a voice note.

Adding a text note

If you choose the Text Note option, you will find a screen with two edit fields and several buttons.

The first field will let you create the title of your note. This is optional, and you do not have to create a title if you do not wish to write one. It might be helpful, however, to have a title for those times where you leave yourself several notes at once.

The next field, after the title field, is for writing the note that you would like to save. Here is where you can write a To-Do list, jot down a recipe, or leave a note to call someone later.

Just place your note in this area and then move to the Save button when you are ready to store your note for later viewing. If you make a mistake, or if you don't want to save your work, you can move to the Cancel button to leave this screen.

Adding a voice note

Before you begin, please remember that you must have a microphone connected to the computer you are using in order to record voice notes.

To begin, choose Add a Voice Note from the screen that you first encounter when you arrive at the Notes section. You will find an edit field for entering the subject or title of your new voice note. This is optional and you do not have to create a title in order to save a voice note. However, entering a title will make it much easier to find your note later, since the contents of voice notes themselves are not searchable.

Below the subject field you will find several buttons: Record, Stop, Play, Save, and Cancel.

To start recording your voice note, press the Record button. You will hear a short beep to let you know that you have started to record. Say the information you want to keep and then press the Stop button when finished.

If you stopped the recording too soon, you can add to what you have already recorded so far by pressing the Record button again. You will be asked if you would like to add to the already recorded voice note. Select Yes, and you will hear the tone again to let you know that the recording has continued. Add your new information and press Stop when finished.

You can hear what you have just recorded by activating the Play button.

Once you're finished recording and reviewing your note, save it by activating the Save button.

Press the Cancel button if you would like to leave this screen without saving your voice recording. You will not be warned that you will lose your current note when selecting this button.

Reviewing your notes

Go to the Notes section, and then look below the options to add text or voice notes.

Your notes are displayed in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest.

For each note, Sero will present the title, if you entered one, and the date and time on which you added it.

For text notes, this information will be followed by the content of the note itself. For voice notes, Sero will provide a link to play the note in the media player.

For a text note, the content of the note itself is followed by a link to edit the note.

Below each note, whether text or voice, you will find a button to delete that note.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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